Our development principles

Each year Qualsys heavily invests in designing and developing innovative governance, risk and compliance solutions. But in this highly regulated industry, for you to even consider our services, we must earn and retain your trust. Qualsys’s governance, risk and compliance software is built around key tenets of security, privacy, transparency, and compliance.

As a business that provides governance, risk and compliance software for hundreds of heavily regulated life science and food and beverage manufacturers, our team has a deep understanding of industry best practices, such as systems validation. Qualsys also invests in developing the skills and knowledge of our teams, so we have some of the most qualified personnel in the industry.

Equipment and asset management software

Our approach to developing software

Risk assessment runs throughout our development process. Before we make any change to our software, we consider the effect on the existing product, other customers and the scope of development.

We create in-depth user stories which helps our team understand the challenges and how best to approach developing our software.

An agile, best-practice approach to software development

Once we’ve agreed on how we’ll approach development, we follow a scrum methodology.

Scrum is a specific approach to the agile development methodology. It is a lightweight framework within which our development team can address complex and adaptive problems. We do this because it encourages transparency, inspection and adaptation.

We also provide detailed information about any changes before and after any developments have taken place. Many of our customers have validated configurations of our software for their processes so we will never make a change without you being fully aware.

Our software integrates with applications already in use in your business

Action based triggers from zapier
Microsoft outlook GRC software addins
GRC software integrations with SAP

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