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A division of the BT Group, BT Global Services manages networked IT services and communications for over 5,500 organisations worldwide. It has a workforce of approximately 17,000 employees.

BT Global Services first approached Qualsys in 2001, looking for a system to share security, contract and compliance documents with its customers. Today, the organisation uses Qualsys’s software to determine who can manage and view certain documents, training records and audits.

There are now more than 150 Qualsys systems live across BT Global Services which help them share the right information with their customers.


We are constantly looking new ways to keep customers informed. We wanted customers to be able to track the progress of the contract and see all the associated documents at a glance via their browser or desktop. Qualsys has assisted BT with the successful implementation of large global projects for BT customers as diverse as Mars, Unilever, Deutsche Bank and Novartis. These systems have invariably needed to support complex compliance requirements, underpin sustainability and extend communication. Governance, risk and compliance is integrated with many of our internal systems to deliver a seamless solution.

Tariq Bajwa, IT Manager at BT Global Services

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I've known about Qualsys's electronic quality management system software since 2005 and began using its spectrum of features since 2012. After five years of working with our electronic quality management system, I have come to appreciate it more and more. I would advise anyone looking to use EQMS to take their time and understand all the different features.

Franz Goquingco – Quality Manager, BT Americas

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