Scalable quality for a rapidly expanding provider

As an insurance and warranty provider, Newcastle-based MB&G Insurance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Ombudsman and Insurance Conduct of Business Sourcebook.

After a period of rapid growth in which the business quadrupled in size within several years, MB&G sourced Qualsys’s GRC software solution as a tool for implementing structured, consistent quality management to support future expansion.

The MB&G team needed a solution which would allow them to:

  • Securely store large amounts of sensitive insurance data and track specific policy wording
  • Audit internal call handling to boost response and resolution speed
  • Build automated workflows for complaint and task handling across two national sites

With Qualsys’s document, audit and issue management modules, MB&G could roll out a consistent quality system as the baseline for future expansion.

The MB&G team plan to expand their use of the system using Qualsys’s mobile document and audit management apps to improve information-sharing for their mobile workforce and drive continuous improvement across their network of suppliers.


As the company expands, EQMS is proving essential for what we're doing. I use the month-to-month feedback reports from the system as the basis for our quality and compliance improvement.

Cameron Scott – Compliance Manager, MB&G Insurance

MB&G's modules

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