Keeping pharmaceutical sites clean, compliant and efficient

Sodexo is a world leader in the provision of outsourced services. The 19th biggest employer in the world, Sodexo manages facilities, security and food services in sectors from  healthcare and education to prisons, offshore energy platforms and pharmaceutical sites.

Operating in such a wide range of sectors gives Sodexo a mass of quality and compliance benchmarks to work towards.

Prior to becoming a Qualsys customer, Sodexo operated with a range of decentralised legacy systems:


The challenge for us was how we could deliver something that was consistent where it needs to be consistent, but also recognise that there are different clients and different geographies that need different things. How can we do things that are right in terms of consistency when we have so many different processes that keep coming into the organisation?


                        – Carl Stanbridge, Global VP of Quality & Compliance


Sodexo sourced and selected Qualsys’s software solution to streamline their:

  • Documentation control
  • Auditing
  • Issue management and corrective and preventative actions
  • Risk management and minimisation
  • Training


Sodexo uses Qualsys’s software across the globe to become more efficient, compliant and responsive to change and innovation, while satisfying their own customers’ quality demands.


The core modules are mature and feature-rich, they enable us to streamline our processes and document management requirements. The apps save us many hours of manual effort each time we use them. There is also a healthy pipeline of new features and enhancements. Perhaps the biggest strength of the software is the commitment from the Qualsys team to the success of their customers. Highly recommended.

Rob Gibson – EQMS Manager, Sodexo

Sodexo's modules

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Document control software
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