Keeping pharmaceutical sites clean, compliant and efficient

Sodexo are a world leader in the provision of services that enhance the quality of life. The 19th biggest employer in the world, Sodexo manages other businesses’ operations and services such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, prisons, offshore energy platforms, defence and leisure.

Prior to our solution, Sodexo had many decentralised legacy systems. Carl Stanbridge said:

The challenges for us was how we could deliver something that was consistent where it needs to be consistent, but also recognise that there are different clients and different geographies that need different things. How can we do things that are right in terms of consistency when we have so many different processes that keep coming into the organisation.”


The key way Qualsys’s solutions helps Sodexo achieve their objectives is by making sure that the business is following processes and procedures in the most efficient way. There is no wasted time, effort or energy. Qualsys’s solution ensures Sodexo are delivering cutting-edge technology for their services. Sodexo are able to always comply with the regulations, client contract and their expectations.


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