The role of quality in COVID-19: building resilience in the face of change

Following the responses from the Qualsys & CQI quality profession survey, it’s fair to conclude the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a whirlwind of challenges and opportunities for quality professionals.

  • 90% of the workforce were working from home during the peak
  • 60% said quality and business improvement initiatives had been delayed
  • Over half of organisations said they relied heavily on their quality management system

One thing was clear: organisations relied on quality more than ever. And the stronger the organisation’s quality management processes and procedures before the outbreak, the more satisfied quality professionals were with the resilience of their organisation to cope with the evolving business changes.

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Defining the new normal post-COVID

Build a plan to protect the safety of your stakeholders, improve quality performance and improve wellbeing.
COVID-19 webinar

Qualsys Compliance Director Kate Armitage and Services Director Chris Owen discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the quality profession.

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Over 50% of organisations relied on their quality management system more during the pandemic. Build resilience into your business now. Request a demonstration of EQMS by Qualsys.

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