Flexible solutions to meet your unique business needs

With change happening at an unprecedented rate, increasing customer demands, and an explosion of data and information, enterprises face an impossible challenge keeping their policies, people and processes aligned.

EQMS is a flexible, secure enterprise quality management system which brings your entire business together.

With EQMS, it’s never been easier for leadership to govern the business, manage risk, and create a culture of continuous quality improvement.

Structured and configured to fit your business needs

Want a separate management system for each site with a global dashboard? Or perhaps you want the same management system but available globally in over 15 different languages? Or would you like management systems which you can share with each of your large customers with island security?

Qualsys offers the most flexible enterprise quality management software packages designed for enterprise.

A fully supported service

Introducing a new quality management system in a large business can be incredibly rewarding, but it is also very difficult. With so many moving parts to co-ordinate – stakeholders, legacy systems, and regulatory requirements, it can seem like an almost impossible challenge.

Qualsys has extensive experience working with regulated enterprises with complex quality management processes.

We provide flexible packages coupled with expert services to ensure your management system works and continues to work.

  • Project management
  • Data migration and implementation support
  • Ongoing product support
  • Flexible choice of how you structure your management system
  • Integrated management system architecture
  • System health checks
  • GAMP 5 Category 4 CSV
  • ISO / regulatory consultancy services
  • End user engagement
  • Dedicated training team
  • Custom product development
  • SSO / AD

Enterprises with 250+ employees using Qualsys quality management software

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How can we help you?

Enterprise quality management success stories

Enterprise quality management system FAQs

What is enterprise quality management software?

Businesses today face serious data integrity issues. But with increasing regulation and global competition, it is no longer an option to simply ignore these problems. The cost of poor data quality often exceeds 30% of turnover, it is a problem worth solving.

Enterprise quality management provides a short- and long- term sustainable process and framework for capturing, managing and processing how information flows through your business, assigning roles, and continuous improvement. In turn, this improves cross-functional collaboration, drives efficiency and increases customer satisfaction.


  • Capture the data at source / contemporaneously: Either directly into EQMS or through API integration from third-party tools
  • Control the data that’s captured: specify the exact fields you want to capture
  • Send the right information to the right person at the right time
  • Produce instant reports with reliable, attributable and accurate data
  • Keep your organisation updated with the latest information
  • Compare site performance

Business Intelligence dashboard by Qualsys

What enterprise quality management architecture can we use?

EQMS is a very flexible tool. This means you can structure your enterprise quality management system to suit your business – not the other way around.

The architecture can be global or a separate quality management system for each site.

Compliance software and services

What functionalities are provided by Qualsys enterprise quality management software?

Qualsys customers use the software to manage numerous business processes. It’s a flexible, powerful solution whereby you can extend the functionality as and when you’re ready.

Here are several ways you can use the tool:

  • Document control
  • Policy management
  • Trademark and legislation management
  • Supplier quality management
  • Risk management
  • Complaint and customer feedback management
  • Reporting
  • Compliance management
  • Audit and inspection management
  • Corporate governance best practices
  • Information security
  • Business continuity management
  • ISO-standard management
  • Training record and competency management
  • Change control
  • Equipment, asset and calibration lifecycle management
  • Environment, health and safety management
  • Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)
  • Apply quality improvement methodologies

What are the benefits of an enterprise quality management system?

Enterprise quality management systems benefit every employee from top floor to shop floor.

  • Prevent costly mistakes
  • Organisation-wide, embedded approach to governance, risk and compliance
  • Record preservation for defensible discovery in the face of litigation
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Root cause investigation
  • Standardise processes, metrics and expectations
  • Integrate quality system from suppliers through to customers
  • Understand and listen to the voice of the customer
  • Drive performance improvement
  • Have a single source of truth
  • Support changing business needs