Shape your business for the future

Being part of a quickly-growing SME can be incredibly rewarding. But business growth poses many governance, risk and compliance challenges.

It means entering new markets, hiring new employees and understanding customer requirements. With all this going on, businesses neglect their governance, risk and compliance strategy. They think: “I’ll sort it out when I’m not so busy.”

But this stage in your business’s life-cycle presents the best opportunity to preserve what your business already does well, and to understand how to improve for the future. This is the time where you can make the most impact on what will happen in the years to come.

Formalise your approach

Benefits of establishing a formal management system:

  • Start as you mean to go on
  • Improve visibility, accountability and ownership
  • Learn what your business does well, and preserve that as you grow
  • Get your processes and policies in place so you only need to maintain systems
  • Prevent duplication of effort by providing a search engine for all business information
  • Don’t be surprised by what auditors find – you’ll be proactively managing risks
  • Nurture supplier relationships now
  • Use a system which moves with the times and integrates with any existing applications

Qualsys's approach to helping SMEs

How does Qualsys help SMEs?

We know all your processes aren’t yet there and you don’t have the resource to put it all together, so we offer a pre-configured solution. This includes:

  • Workflows with example approval processes
  • Business policy templates such as GDPR statement and ISO 27001 statement of applicability
  • ISO 9001 best practice documentation navigator tree
  • Internal audit templates for maintaining your system


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