Engaging your employees

When you’ve got processes that are capable, people who know what they’re doing, and they work on those same processes, you see just how powerful good governance, risk and compliance can be.

While employee engagement is not anything new, getting employees engaged is not as simple as implementing the technology and saying “well, off you go!”. You have to be proactive about getting your messaging right, have a clear plan in place and continually communicate.

Qualsys works closely with our customers to make sure this crucial stage is not forgotten.

Engagement services

  • Employee engagement programme planning and management
  • Employer GRC strategy development
  • Mission, vision and objectives workshop
  • “Take the temperature” of the company culture with employee research surveys
  • Leadership “commitment to quality videos”
  • GRC incentive programme development
  • Recruitment guidance
  • Creation and design of employee training guides and resources
  • Design of employee engagement collateral – posters, emails, videos, brochures, guides
  • Design and build of employee “Why GRC” portals
Account management team

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Stakeholder engagement template

Plan what message you are going to target to each of your teams in this stakeholder engagement planner.

Employee engagement playbook

This step-by-step guide aims to inspire you when putting together your end-user engagement strategy.

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