Get the data you need to do your job

Your business is busy. Your people have better things to do than manually move data.

With Qualsys’s API, chasing for information or finding out about an issue weeks after it happened will be a thing of the past.

Qualsys’s API enables third-party applications to communicate instantly with your management system, process incoming data and automate KPI reporting.

Cloud-to-cloud integrations allow you to gain control over your systems, ensuring compliance is natural and invisible. By collecting information from across the business, you have better visibility, decision-making and collaboration.

By integrating your solutions, you’re bringing all your data together. This helps you improve engagement and work more productively and efficiently.

Integrate all of your business systems

Why integrate solutions?

Integrating our management system software into your existing systems helps you to:

  • Prevent errors with data entry
  • Automate all tasks, saving lots of time
  • Add an extra layer of security
  • Get access to the data without paying for the additional licensing costs
  • Improve visibility and transparency across your business
  • Get a full picture of your business

How does it work?

We have a highly skilled technical team who will take the time to understand what you want your processes to achieve and help shape your data in the way you need.

SAP integrations

SAP is one of the world’s most widely used enterprise resource planning solutions, supporting a wide range of business processes.

SAP integrations allows data to be synchronised both from and into your management system software.

Oracle JD Edwards

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated application suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software. Our flexible API means you can use the best features from each of your systems.


Integrating Salesforce with your management system means you get access to the data you need without having to wait for reports or paying for an additional Salesforce licence. Action-based triggers also means that other areas of the business can be notified when a process needs to start.

Adobe Sign

If your business is already using Adobe Sign for electronic signatures, our software integrates seamlessly with this application so you can continue to demonstrate your employees have read and understood documentation.


Zapier enables you to connect your applications and automate your workflows. Integrate your Zaps with our management system software to make all your activity fully automatic.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Services

Extend the authentication, authorisation and administration infrastructure of Active Directory to your governance, risk and compliance suite.

Our management system software extends the value of the Microsoft Azure Active Directory by ensuring access is granted and maintained according to established business policy throughout the lifecycle of each user within your business.


Incompatible operating systems can slow your business down. We make sure your management system platform is compatible with Linux, UNIX and Mac operating systems.

Complex circle

Integrate systems from across your business

Faster responses

Gain real-time insights from sensors, devices and machines from your business, suppliers and customers directly in your central GRC system.

Automate activity

Process and action triggers and alerts are sent both to and from our software from your business equipment, systems and applications.

Deeper insights

Orchestrate processes and integrate data with ease. We provide a simple and secure way to connect to cloud and on-premise systems.

More efficiency

Quality and compliance teams have access to all business data, meaning you don't have to spend hours finding information.

Stronger decision-making

Experience all the benefits of mobile, cloud, integration and the Internet of Things.

We selected Qualsys's GRC solution as it can be operated on various platforms. We have a number of Linux users so the software had to operate under this environment as well as Windows. Qualsys have been very supportive during all phases of the project (Dave Beard in particular) and we look forward to becoming a long-term client.

Stewart Wilson – Quality Manager, York Instruments

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