Natural and invisible compliance

Many risk assessments don’t identify email communications, despite email posing one of the most significant risks to your business.

Every day across the world, 300 billion emails are exchanged. Office workers receive, on average, 121 emails each working day. It’s likely that almost everyone in your business is accessing and sending emails, every day, without properly considering what they’re sending.

Controlling this exchange of information is a huge challenge. But there’s a simple and effective tool you can employ to ensure your business is using email as effectively as possible.

Qualsys’s software add-ins for Microsoft Outlook limit the risks of non‑compliance by making sure only secure information is exchanged.

Many organisations are now seeing the value in using the add-ins to build compliance into their business. Easy to use and integrate with your employees’ daily routines, add-ins are the fastest and most effective way to get your staff to engage with good documentation control practice.

In fact, there is a 45% uplift in engagement with our software after the Microsoft Outlook add-ins have been rolled out, according to our recent survey.

The add-ins for Microsoft Outlook put compliance inside the most commonly used channel for business communication. The simple and easy-to-use tool ensures the right information is exchanged with the right person at the right time.

The add-ins make it faster and easier to access controlled information, collaborate and record important information in the central document management system. By enhancing the tools your employees are already using, you’re making compliance a natural and seamless process.

This makes your employees more confident in the information they’re using. By collecting information from email, your leadership are able to fully understand decision-making and support or challenge it as necessary.

Complex circle

Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook

Easily demonstrate compliance with standards and regulations

No training required

Employees use the systems they’re most familiar with – no extra training is needed.

Best practice record-keeping

Easy to install – compliance is instant and becomes an effortless part of your business processes.

Faster, controlled access

Documents are properly controlled and appropriately authorised.

Controlled access

After entering their username and password, authorised users can quickly access, update and control documents within their Microsoft Outlook account.

Upload to your central document control system

Authorised users are able to upload documents back to your central management system in seconds.

Avoid duplication of effort

Stop other users from editing a document until it has been checked back in.

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