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Change is important for business. But change that isn’t controlled, understood and communicated can quickly spiral into a mass of confused information. Sales presentations, forms, brochures, policies – documents can be created at a moment’s notice but cause chaos without the proper controls.

Hard drives fill with redundant files that take hours to sift through. Departments work with slightly different variations of every document. Employees don’t know if the processes they’re following are compliant. And the best ideas are eventually lost.

By placing our add-ins into your employees’ everyday Microsoft software, you’re helping them contribute, collaborate, share and debate, and giving them a much faster way to access your documents.

The Microsoft Office software suite is ubiquitous in most businesses. Your staff, customers and suppliers use it every day, know how it works and understand its benefits.

Qualsys has taken advantage of this familiarity by creating a set of add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The add-ins simply insert buttons and options into those Microsoft programs, so your staff can continue to use the software they know and love while delivering many compliance controls in the background.

Users can view content from within Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Those users with authorisation can search your document control system from within these programs, check out content while they update it, and check it back in for approval.

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Add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Easily demonstrate compliance with standards and regulations

No training required

Employees use the software they’re most familiar with – no extra training is needed.

Best practice record-keeping

Easy to install and easy to demonstrate compliance.

Faster, controlled access

Documents are properly controlled and appropriately authorised.

Controlled access

After entering their username and password, authorised users can quickly access, update and control documents within the Microsoft suite.

Upload to your central document control system

Authorised users are able to upload documents back to your central management system in seconds.

Avoid duplication of effort

Stop other users from editing a document until it has been checked back in.

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