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Be the eyes and ears of senior management

Our audit management software makes managing audits truly simple, giving you the flexibility to focus your attention where it is needed.

Instead of devoting all their time to administrative tasks – planning audits, implementing findings and producing reports – our customers spend their working days focusing on strategy and improvement.

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Auditing for opportunities

Identify trends, risks and vulnerabilities in your audits to make your business fitter, faster and stronger.

Works offline

Audit your most remote locations on any electronic device, then synchronise when back on WiFi.

Audit trail

Every move is recorded so can be used to demonstrate compliance and for improved traceability.

Instant audit reports

KPI dashboards, real-time reports and data exports enable you to interrogate data trends and conduct faster risk analyses.

Collaborative decision-making

Leadership teams can challenge or support decisions by viewing a single dashboard of all audit results.

Audit administration in a few clicks

Planning, managing and generating audit reports is easy and systematic so you can focus on action and improvement.

Highly configurable

Carry out any type of audit – supplier, internal, financial, even new employee on boarding processes – by configuring form fields and checklists.

Quick start templates

Make auditing a routine part of your business culture by setting up routine audits of processes, systems and policies.

Best practice implementation

We help you throughout the entire process so you get an audit management system which moves with the times.

Integrates with every other module

Associate compliance documentation, suppliers, risks and training records with your audit for faster access to the information you need.

Brands who trust in our auditing software

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Ofgem auditing software for energy industry
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Internal and supplier audits benefit your business

Assess, interpret and report on performance

Internal auditors

The auditing module enables you to quickly schedule and plan any type of audit, set milestone dates and automatically add recurring activity to the calendar. It’s easy to notify auditees of upcoming audits, and to check availability before assigning an auditor responsibility.

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The auditing module gives leadership the insight and visibility they need to understand the health of the business. With all the risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities at their fingertips, leadership can make informed and supported decisions. Data is collected in a standardised format and presented in a GRC dashboard or audit report, helping to identify issues, vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities.

Compliance software and services

External parties

End user licences for our software are free and easy to set up. This means that you can give access to your customers, suppliers and external auditors to demonstrate your auditing programme, results and path to resolution.

Governance risk and compliane training

End users

Our software is completely free for end users, to encourage all employees to adopt the system. Audits can be assigned to any employee quickly and efficiently. As well as process, health and safety, quality and compliance audits, many of our customers use the audit management module to ensure processes are properly completed, from employee onboarding and appraisals to monitoring claim calls.

Software for internal ISO audits


Administrators manage authentication, permissions and system configuration. So you can be confident that data is entered consistently, ambiguity is eliminated, and audit results are objective.


View calendar of auditing activity
W. E. Rawson Ltd

"Since implementing the auditing software module, we've done more audits in the past four months than we did in the past four years." Lee Clack, Quality Manager

A G Barr

"Previously we relied heavily on spreadsheets to plan our workload. Qualsys's software enables us to assign auditors to an audit and remind them when the audit is due. It helps us to plan our audits more effectively and manage our resources. After the audit has been done, the system creates a list of actions and assigns the people who need to complete those actions. It gives people the ownership to complete actions. Previously we relied on people remembering that they needed to complete an action. Qualsys's software keeps the whole process running smoothly." John McMullen, QSE Manager


"In an IT career which has lasted over 20 years, I don’t think I've ever come across a software supplier who is so keen for us to succeed with their product as Qualsys. The relationship we have with the team at Qualsys is outstanding. They check that we understand the system and are using it wisely, and they keep us in touch with new ideas and innovations, making sure that they're evolving the system to meet our needs and the needs of our client. We're very happy. I know it's a very healthy relationship." Rob Gibson, EQMS Manager

Yazaki Europe Ltd

"By having a standardised system, everyone can now manage everything in the same way. During our audits, we can now see and compare across all locations. Before we didn't have any way to check this. Everyone was doing everything differently." Harish Gohil, European Quality Systems Manager

What's new in our auditing module

It’s now much easier to sort and filter data based on your requirements. With the new “Report 494” you can search all audit questions, comments, findings, actions and much more. Save the format so you can receive the data at a later date or export the data to Microsoft Excel.

New button added to delete all your checklists in an audit. Instead of having to remove individual checklists, you can now do it all in one easy step.

Features to try

.ics e-mail integrations mean you can schedule audits in someone’s Microsoft Outlook calendar.

An auto-start audit feature has been added so administrators don’t need to update the status manually when the audit is about to start.

Download auditing software datasheet

Technical information about the features, benefits and how to use the system.

ISO 9001:2015 and the evolving role of the auditor

Read this guide to see how the role of the auditor is changing with the rollout of ISO 9001: 2015.

Auditing software which is easy to implement

Integrates with other modules

Our auditing module works well on its own or in harmony with our other software modules. By integrating the audits with other business processes, you have a complete management system.

Browse all modules 

Risks all in one dashboard

Secure, rapid deployment

Our software can be deployed on your internal servers or cloud-hosted in an ISO 27001 data centre. Using our cloud-hosted option, you can be confident that the system will be rapidly deployed with almost no need for any internal IT resources. This option is professionally managed and offers a back-up, restore and firewall.

Governance, risk and compliance software Implementation Services

Highly configurable

The auditing module incorporates a range of widgets and the ability to configure the system to meet even the most demanding audit-related requirements.

Easy to validate

Our software has been deployed by global pharmaceutical businesses, NHS trusts and other health industry organisations. The solution has been validated as compliant with the requirements of GAMP 5, ISO 9001, ICH GCP E6, ICH Q10, FDA 21CFR Part 11, Eudralex Volume 4 Annex 11 EU GMP, BS 27001 and BS 25999, as well as electronic signature legislation such as the EU Electronic Signatures Directive.

With your quality management software, I receive an audit report at the end of the day once quality engineers can get back onto wi-fi. The data is available, clear and correct. And we have a rather large audit, which the software copes with no problems at all. I was surprised about that!

Nigel Mangnall, Head of Quality and Compliance at Dove Tail IS

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Qualsys offer great support from the beginning to the end of implementation. My favourite part of the software is the functionality. A big draw for us was also the option to add more modules as time goes on, which will be great as our confidence with the system improves.

Adam Whitney, Quality Manager at Roberts Mart

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