Our policy management software enables you to comply with global regulations and legislation

For ISO, GDP and FDA compliance

Better business policies

Your business needs to feel confident that your business policies are current, communicated and compliant. A kink in the chain can cause your business to stumble.

Qualsys provides a powerful policy management software solution so you can implement robust processes for all your business corporate, QHSE, or CSR policies.

We help your entire business to manage the life cycle of your policies.

Complex circle

End-to-end policy management

Make good documentation practice a natural and instinctive part of your business.

Event-based alerts

Be notified when you have a task to complete for a policy or a policy has been updated.

Revisions and renewals

Easily revise policies and be notified when they need to be renewed or retired.

Audit trail

Every action within the system logs an incorruptible audit trail.

Review and approval

Use custom workflows to direct contracts to the people who need to review and approve them.


Track that employees have understood your policies and procedures.

Secure access

Restrict policy documents to only people who need to access them.

Custom quizzes

Test employees on all or all of your policies with custom quizzes.

Custom workflows

Choose who needs to draft, review or approve a policy.

Real time reporting

Customised dashboards and 100's of KPI reporting options provide you with instant visibility into the performance of your policies.

Collaborative policies

Develop policies and procedures as a team by assigning responsibility and ownership.

Review notifications

Set review notification periods

Version control

Avoid confusion by making sure everyone works from the latest version of the policy.

Brands who trust in our solutions

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I've been our document management co-ordinator since we rolled out Qualsys's GRC software more than 10 years ago. I like the system a lot, and it's grown considerably since then. I look after 13 sites with nearly 12,000 documents so I'm kept very busy with document reviews, change requests and uploading new documents. It's a very user-friendly system. I do feel that it can be quite time-consuming behind the scenes but this makes for a very compliant system which, when areas are being audited, is a great help. Qualsys's support has been great over the years and they answer all queries and requests in a timely manner.

Janice McMillan – BMS Coordinator, Diageo

Bring your business together

Benefits across your entire business

GRC team

The policy management module enables you to set up workflows that help you control how documents are accessed, created, amended, reviewed and approved throughout your organisation. All activity is recorded through the workflow to ensure ownership, accountability and full visibility.

Supplier external provider Approval path example


Administrators manage authentication, viewing permissions and system configuration. So you can be confident that your documentation is controlled – in front of the right people at the right time.

The document control module makes it fast and easy to manage content, assign responsibility and associate relevant compliance and standards to any piece of information.

Check-out documentation


The document control module gives leadership the business-wide insight they need. Employee records, company process maps, administrative documents, project information and more are placed at their fingertips for instant, easy access.

documentation control

End users

Our software is completely free for end users, to encourage all employees to adopt the system. This creates a standardised, centralised hub for your business documentation. Everybody contributes and with an advanced document search engine, end users find it easy to find the documentation they need.

navigate to your documentation

External parties

Configurable viewing and editing permissions mean you can give suppliers, customers and auditors access to documentation as you see fit. Share controlled information, demonstrate your expertise and enhance your reputation.

Restrict access to documentation

Access policy management module datasheet

See all the technical information about our document control management module. This includes a detailed list of features and how the module can be applied throughout your business.

Download free whitepaper: Case for policy management

Businesses such as AIIM estimate that employees spend 30 minutes per day searching for documents. This datasheet provides you with 7 key cases for a document control system.

Policy management software which works for your business

We join best practices with technology

Security first

Deploy the software on your internal servers or have it cloud-hosted in an ISO 27001 data centre. With the cloud-hosted option, you can be confident that the system will be rapidly deployed with almost no need for any internal IT resources. This option is professionally managed and offers a back-up, restore and firewall.


Our document control management module can be used with any combination of our other modules. To buy, just tell us how many administrator licences you need. Administrators are those who will manage the configuration, settings and have overall responsibility for the system.


Our document control management module enables you to tailor fields, workflows and risk categories. Our service implementation managers will help you work to best practice if you need guidance in assessing your current approach.


Our software has been deployed by global pharmaceutical businesses, NHS trusts and other health organisations. The solution has been validated as compliant with regulations such as GAMP 5, ISO 9001, ICH GCP E6 and FDA 21CFR Part 11, as well as electronic signature legislation such as the EU Electronic Signatures Directive. Talk to one of our team today about your validation requirements.

Rapid deployment

We have a very organised approach to implementing your system. During the first weeks of coming on board as a customer, you’ll receive a project plan, scoping workshop and dedicated support team to help you through every step of the process.


Our software solutions have a flexible, advanced application programming interface (API) which means data can be exchanged both from our software and into it.

By integrating your solutions, you’re bringing all your data together. This helps you improve engagement, work more productively and efficiently, and automatically drive activity.

Read more about our integrations here

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