Why manage training records with software?

ISO standards and most regulatory bodies ask you to demonstrate that your employees are suitably trained and competent.

Many businesses use complex spreadsheets or paperwork to manage their training records. This leads to mistakes and inconsistencies and makes it more difficult to identify gaps in training or skills.

Our training records management software enables you to manage your entire training programme in a single, comprehensive framework. It makes it easy to plan, manage and test your employees’ competence, so you can be sure that your employees are qualified to do their work and receive retraining when necessary.

The system maintains course content for employees and managers to review, schedules courses, provides feedback on instructors and course materials, keeps an archive of training records, and provides gap analysis to ensure you’re always complying with regulations. You know who needs training, what training they need, and when they’ll receive it.

Complex circle

Be confident your team are competent to do their roles

Training records and data are only the beginning. The training records management module is a full suite of productivity and best practice tools that makes your employees more confident in their day-to-day work.

Instantly view training gaps

View all training records – valid, expired, unconfirmed and about to expire – on a single, live report.

Demonstrate compliance

Record training and completion e-signatures to demonstrate compliance.

Make sure the training was effective

Built-in tests enable you to ensure information has been retained.

Minimal administration

Bulk upload training and repeat training processes automate the future development of your workforce.

Communicate ownership and accountability

Send notifications and reminders to ensure the system runs how you want.

Make your training better

After training, receive feedback from personnel to fine-tune and maximise effectiveness.

Bring your business together

Benefits across your entire business

GRC team

Plan, manage and record quality, health and safety, and compliance training records. Our training records management module provides your GRC team with a centralised system for all training records.

ISO training records


The training record management module gives leadership the insight they need to view training records. With all training details at their fingertips, leadership can feel confident that their employees are competent and have the training required to do their jobs.

health and safety training record matrix

Wider business

Our mission is to make quality and compliance a natural and invisible process. This is why we offer free end users. This means you can ensure all your employees are able to upload and manage their own training records.

ISO and compliance training

External parties

Give controlled access to your customers, suppliers and external auditors to demonstrate that your business puts employee competence first.

ISO training records management software

EQMS makes us more robust in audit, which is a base-level essential thing that we need as a medical device company.

But it's also a massive time-saver for people. It standardises people's work when it comes to documentation and training, and having a single repository for our QMS ready to move into a new territory should make expanding much easier.

Paul Burton – Quality Engineer, Vision RT

What's new in our training record management module

New quiz functionality added so you can test employee competency.

Change the email text in training record notifications.

Added the ability to turn off renewals for a completed course when training has been superseded.


Features to try

Clone a training record.

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