Embed EHS throughout your business

The best EHS management systems empower every employee to feel confident, record risks and share opportunities.

EHS Manager by Qualsys enables your entire business to work in harmony.

Global enterprises choose our EHS management system software because:

  • EHS Manager is highly configurable and flexible, yet our implementation process ensures you have the templates and training to get the best return on investment
  • Development of the software aligns with Annex SL best practice for certification to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018
  • Advanced BI reporting, mobile applications and ERP integrations

EHS software for complete confidence in your legal compliance

Qualsys EHS software embeds legal compliance requirements throughout your business.

The software provides you with a central framework for:

  • Planning
    • Leadership and engagement
    • Risk assessment and management
    • Facility planning
    • Documentation and information
  • Implementation and operation control
    • Training and competency management
    • Operations and maintenance
    • Legal and contractual obligations
  • Checking and corrective action
    • Change control
    • Third-party service management
    • Incident investigation and analysis
  • Management review
    • Community awareness and emergency prepare
    • Assessment feedback and improvement
    • Product and supply chain management
    • Risk monitoring
  • Policy awareness
Complex circle

A healthier, safer, more sustainable business

Get more from your EHS management system

Identify risks

With free, unlimited end users licenses and a delightfully easy interface, every employee has access to a platform to easily share EHS risks and opportunities.

Control change

With workflows, audit trails and notifications, EHS is considered and embedded when there are any business changes.

ISO best practice in mind

Our implementation process follows an Annex SL approach, so you can be confident your system is future-proof.

Personalised and secure

Custom to-do lists, reporting and authorisation controls means your team only see the information relevant to them.

Demonstrate compliance

The world's largest, most heavily-regulated organisations, our partners and consultants all have a say in our software development road-map, so you can rest assured you're getting solutions auditors want.

Stay connected

Mobile applications, desktops and kiosks means even the most remote workforce can be confident they are compliant.

400+ enterprises use EQMS by Qualsys

Join hundreds of businesses who rely on our expert software and solutions for their management systems.
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Software modules for your EHS management system

Select any combination of the modules
Document control software
Document control software
Modern technology means we are bombarded with information. The challenge is making sure the right information is viewed by the right person at the right time. Document Manager by Qualsys provides a comprehensive and powerful solution for the distribution and control of all types of crucial documenta...
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Equipment maintenance software
Equipment maintenance software
Over 70% of organisations have no formal method for managing how equipment is used, maintained and eventually replaced, or for ensuring there’s a qualified person on-site to operate that equipment. Managing business equipment correctly is crucial if your organisation is to compete in the fast-pace...
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Accident & incident management software
Accident & incident management software
When an accident or incident occurs, it's important there is an accurate record of events to understand the root cause and prevent it from happening again. Use our accident and incident management software to properly record, communicate and identify trends to prevent it from happening again.
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Supplier management software
Supplier management software
Qualsys's supplier compliance management software provides you with all the controls you need to treat external providers as an extension of your business. Deliver unshakeable governance, risk and compliance controls, understand supply chain risks, and extend quality best practice to your suppliers....
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EHS software FAQs

What is the Qualsys approach to EHS software?

Every EHS software provider offers a different solution package.

At Qualsys, we believe no two businesses are the same, so your EHS management system needs to be tailored to meet your unique requirements. From scalable licensing to flexible implementation support, we offer a high-touch, tailored package to ensure your management system works and continues to work long into the future. 

How does the licencing and pricing work?

Qualsys will deliver a tailored, complete package with scalable licensing. Our packages are flexible and based on how and what you want to achieve with the system.

We scope your requirements and tailor the system to meet your unique business needs. This may include:

  • Health and safety document management
  • Safety and health observation management
  • Regulatory and legislative compliance
  • EHS corporate governance
  • EHS risk assessments and risk management
  • Supplier EHS legal compliance management
  • EHS mobile connectivity / remote access through mobile applications: available on iPad, iPhones and modern mobile devices
  • Environmental asset safety management
  • Accident and incident reporting management
  • EHS audits and site inspections
  • Non-conformity management – reporting
  • Employee health and stress management software
  • Environmental health and safety compliance training and competency monitoring

How does Qualsys help us to achieve ISO 45001 and ISO 14001?

Qualsys provides a framework to manage ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Follow best practices for leadership engagement, risk management, managing external providers and much more.


Can we extend the system to manage quality and information security?

Many organisations use Qualsys software for quality management and information security. The tool is a powerful integrated management system so can be as simple or as embedded as you wish.

Kiosk whistleblowing ethics management application risk

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  • Use insights to improve your EHS strategy
  • Align and manage key business stakeholders
  • Ensure C-suite buy-in as a plan is delivered
  • Explore the key steps to EHS integration success


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