Why use software for ISO 50001

ISO 50001 requires more than distributing a few policies and hoping everyone will change their behaviour.

The standard needs to be embedded into daily activities. Policies need to be controlled, energy needs to be understood throughout all areas of the business, and there needs to be a systematic approach to continually monitoring performance, auditing and improving.

Our software provides a centralised system for all ISO 50001 activities. From controlling and enforcing Standard Operating Procedures to managing change, documenting audits and facilitating risk-based thinking across the organisation, the software provides a robust framework for all activities.

Complex circle

Bring your energy management system together

All your data, policies and people aligned in a single solution

Management responsibility

Our software provides top management the ability to view performance, identify risk, and drill down into EnMS activity.

Energy review

Document and record energy use and consumption across the business.

Energy baseline and performance indicators

Track any performance indicators in the system, such as your energy use and consumption, through the BI dashboard.


Assign roles and responsibilities to employees through notifications and approval workflows.


Keep a central repository of all energy consumption documents, such as bills, receipts, equipment maintenance schedules etc.

Non-conformity and corrective action

An auditing suite which integrates with other modules provides a systematic and robust framework to raise issues, findings and actions to the necessary personnel.

Manage change

With free end users, our system enables you to confidently embed energy management considerations into all business processes.

Culture of excellence

Avoid silos, keep staff informed of changes, and manage training schedules, all inline with ISO 50001 best practice.

Supplier portals

Extend your energy management system commitment to your supply chain by giving them access to their own supplier portal.

It's been highlighted in our certification audits and recent customer audits that a key strength of LPA is our documentation processes managed with EQMS, and also our control and analysis of customer complaints within EQMS.

So it's not only internally that we're seeing the benefits. Our certification companies and customers are also seeing it and recognising it.

Craig Webster – Quality Manager, LPA Lighting

100s of brands use our software for integrated management systems

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