Meet your business goals

Your business needs a management system which works, is easy to use and helps you align projects to meet your goals.

Qualsys’s management system software modules are highly configurable, intuitive and make it easy to identify and manage all sorts of business risks and opportunities.

Our management system solutions provide you with:

  • A best practice framework for your policies, processes and procedures
  • The ability to assign roles and responsibilities, and see exactly where there are bottlenecks
  • Incorruptible data sets so you can make more informed business decisions
  • All you need to demonstrate compliance to even the most rigid regulations.

Below are seven different ways our customers have configured versions of our software.

Your business's governance, risk and compliance hub

A flexible, intuitive solution.
Electronic quality management system (EQMS)
When you put quality at the heart of your business, the business becomes more resilient and profitable with happier customers. Our software provides you with the tools you need to embed quality throughout your business.
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Integrated business management system (IBMS)
Managing multiple projects, processes and people without the right tools is impossible. Integrate all your systems and processes using Qualsys's advanced business management system software. The solution enables you to assign responsibility, evidence compliance and make stronger business decisions.
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Information security management system (ISMS)
It's often the case that new technology is implemented before it is fully understood. This exposes your business to all sorts of information security risks. With new threats, opportunities and regulations, it's never been more important to have information security processes which work. Our software...
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Environmental management system (EMS) software
As your business grows, it puts increasing pressure on finite resources. An efficient environmental management system is vital. Our environmental management system software helps you protect your people, profit and planet by reducing waste and increasing value.
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Product lifecycle management software (PLM)
Managing the life cycle of products is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face. It involves high levels of collaboration, control and communication. We offer a best practice framework which helps you manage the life cycle of your products and demonstrate compliance.
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