Better decision making

Spending more time chasing other departments for data, manually compiling reports and emailing report findings than actually focusing on strategy.

With Business Intelligence by Qualsys, you bring all business operations data into a single, powerful dashboard. Configure the dashboard to display the data you need. Collect data systematically using our management system software. Schedule findings reports.

Complex circle

Intelligent business decisions

EQMS for a culture of quality

Understand the real root cause

View trends, compare cause and effect relationships, and predictive analytics

Eliminate manual data entry

Bring all your data into a single, comprehensive reporting tool automatically. Pull data from all Qualsys's modules, EQMS IoT Beacons and third-party software.

Automate leadership and management reports

Schedule daily, weekly or monthly compliance dashboard reports - sent directly to your email.

Monitor KPIs

Track COPQ, ROQ, OTIF, and other critical business performance indicators from a single business dashboard.

Customise dashboards

Configure dashboards for different employees across your business. This means every gets the information they need.

Intuitive and flexible

Business Intelligence dashboard gives you the freedom to report on performance, identify risks and opportunities.

Business Intelligence (BI) Datasheet

For an introduction to the BI tool, overview the key features and results BI reporting will have on your business, access our datasheet brochure of Business Intelligence by Qualsys.

BI workshop slides

Access the slide-pack from our most recent BI workshop. Includes information on governance, risk and compliance data issues, culture vs strategy and an introduction to the key concepts of BI.

See our BI tool in action! Request a demonstration here: