Templates you can download now

Customer satisfaction gap analysis template
Need a fast and easy way to identify strengths and weaknesses in your customer satisfaction management system? This gap analysis package has been designed by certified Qualsys partner Six Pillars Consulting to help you identify opportunities for improvement.
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User requirements specification (URS) template
Need help putting together a user requirements specification? Sometimes it's difficult to know what questions to ask. You don't want any surprises after you start your implementation process. We offer a range of services to help you invest in a solution and vendor that works for you and your busines...
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Software-related products

Health check
Your business changes over time. As you enter new markets, diversify your products, take on new suppliers, hire new employees and expand to new sites, these are all going to impact your management system and your compliance.
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Discovery Workshop (1/2 Day)
If you’re not sure whether you need governance, risk and compliance software, don’t know how to engage your leadership team or need help building a user requirements specification, a discovery workshop will help answer your questions and build an effective long-term strategy. Learn more about ou...
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End-user awareness webinar
Want to roll out a new module or improve engagement with our software? Request a 30 minute webinar you can send by email to your employees to help them understand why the system should be used, what they need to use the system for and how to access it.
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GDPR training course
The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation is going to change how your business collects, processes and deletes data. This course is designed to help you truly understand the requirements of GDPR and a blueprint to apply in your business.
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Using customer loyalty to drive business success
Learn how to use good governance and quality management to drive business success. In this training day, we go well beyond ISO 9001:2015 and look at using NPS, customer loyalty maturity models and strategies for increasing overall satisfaction.
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