User Requirements Specification template


Benefit from:

  • Detailed list of the functionality required for a Governance, Risk and Compliance solution
  • Formally document and prepare essential compliance and quality requirements
  • Discover new potential uses
  • Maximise your investment
  • Save time putting together a list of potential requirements

User REquirements Specification Template

Sheets include:

  1. Deployment and maintenance requirements
  2. Security requirements
  3. Support requirements
  4. Mobile and tablet software
  5. System Dashboard / BI reporting
  6. Document, policy and process management software
  7. Audit and Inspection management software
  8. Risk management software
  9. Training Records management software
  10. Supplier management software
  11. Equipment management software
  12. Issues management software

Companies who previously used this template:

  • Medical device manufacturer with 30 employees
  • Pharmaceutical facility management company with 10,000 employees
  • Food manufacturer with 250 employees

Full details:

  • 1-hour review and strategy planning call with the Qualsys team.
  • 13 sheets documented in best practice design

How to use the URS:

  • Adapt the key themes and feature / functionality list to meet your internal requirements
  • Send the URS to your GRC software vendor shortlist who will then complete the template, helping you to find the best solution for your business and demonstrate compliance to even the most rigorous regulatory requirements

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