Making complex supplier audits simple and consistent

Yazaki Europe Ltd is a global tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry. It has many suppliers, sites and customer service centres which must comply to a number of different standards and regulations.

Seeing a need to consolidate and integrate their documentation and auditing processes, Yazaki Europe Ltd procured Qualsys’s enterprise quality management system. The challenge came in migrating the complex VDA 6.3 requirements to governance, risk and compliance – keeping them separate wasn’t an option. Management teams were working in isolation, without much knowledge of each other’s processes or certainty as to whether issues had been managed.

Qualsys worked closely with Yazaki to develop a solution which streamlined an incredibly complex spreadsheet with all information from the VDA 6.3 audit. Yazaki personnel still have access to the spreadsheet, but can now be confident that information is being recorded in a controlled environment.


Qualsys's software supports us in all our internal audits, supplier audits and customer audits. It's user-friendly for our end-users, which means it is easy to get all of the data into one system and really start using it. And having that consistency means we can manage customer satisfaction and really improve.

Valère Vastmans at Yazaki Europe Ltd

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