Begin your journey towards better governance, risk and compliance management

We’re passionate about what we do, and we take pride in our work. We don’t sell you our product then forget about you – we’re desperate to see you succeed. So we’ll always aim to commit enough time, resources and support to making sure your systems keep on working.

Stage 1: Discovery call

Are we right for you? We always like to start things off with a 15-minute discovery call. We find out exactly what you need and decide whether we can help. If it seems like we’re a good fit, we’ll book you in for a more in-depth demonstration and consultation.

Stage 2: Online demonstration

We do our demonstrations over the internet, and we’ll send you a link that lets you see our screen. Our team will spend some time beforehand getting to understand your processes and may ask for examples so we can show you some working scenarios.

During the demonstration, we’ll talk you through the modules, the implementation process, our pricing model and we’ll answer any of your questions. The session usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

Stage 3: Strategy and planning

If you’re happy to proceed, one of our team will support you in getting approval from your decision-makers. We establish what kind of success you hope the software will bring, and put together a business case.

Many of our long-standing customers treat us as an extension to their own team. They rely on us for resources and guidance and even invite us to present to their leadership teams. In particularly complex cases, we have a number of partners who we may recommend bringing in. However, we often find that our business cases and guidance videos give you everything you need to get buy-in.


Stage 4: Become a customer

If you choose us we’ll begin the project with a kick-off call. This is where you get to meet the team who will help you through the implementation process and beyond. Every member of this team will have been fully briefed on your goals and needs. We help you manage the project, train your staff and roll out the system. We commit to forming a partnership with you, to make sure the system is properly implemented and primed to save you time and money for many years to come.

Stage 5: Implementation

We configure the software to your specific needs, move over all your existing data and systems, train your users and roll out the system across your business. This is usually the most time-consuming part, as it involves reviewing all your processes and procedures and making them more efficient.

Stage 6: Achieving success

We’re not one of those companies that sell you their product then disappear! We want our software to bring you success, and we stick around to make sure that happens.

Once we’ve implemented your system, your dedicated account manager is regularly on hand to provide best practice toolkits, arrange System Health Checks and ensure you’re getting the absolute most out of the software.

Our corporate strategy is to “Grow by Case Study”  We have the benefit of 22 years’ hard-earned reputation and want to build on this in a sober and sustainable way. This means our interests are aligned with our customers – listen, produce software and services that people actually use, and innovate quickly.

We want our customers to be our most vocal fans.