Get the most out of your system and hit your quality milestones

From implementation to ‘go live’ date and beyond, our customer success team will help you maximise the power of your GRC management system. Our philosophy is to ‘grow by case study’ – so we make your success our priority.

That means identifying your desired outcomes, then tracking and meeting them together.

Improving the maturity of your business management systems

After implementing your new governance, risk and compliance solution, your management system will continue to mature. That means spending less time updating spreadsheets, moving paper and compiling data for reports, and more time focusing on improvement, strategy and business excellence.

One of the natural journeys is to extend usage of your solution to other sites, to your supply chain and even to your customers. With free end users and supplier portals, it won’t cost your business a penny more. Our customer success services will help you expand your governance, risk and compliance footprint across your business while helping you drive internal engagement and track the value of your solution.

How we support our customers

  • GRC news updates, articles, resources and engagement tools
  • Bespoke website landing page with help resources and internal messaging to encourage adoption
  • Internal benchmarking surveys and ROI calculators to track and demonstrate the value of your new solution
  • Customer Success Guide
  • System reviews, KPI tracking and free annual health check
  • Configuration review and system optimisation services
  • Stakeholder mapping to identify future opportunities; strengthen your system at no extra cost by expanding to new departments, sites and suppliers

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