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Let’s face it. SharePoint can become a dumping ground full of redundant, duplicate and wrong information. That is, when you don’t have the appropriate controls.

Our SharePoint Connect integration enables you to ensure your documents are regularly reviewed, properly authorised and always accessible. Plus, you can build workflows and escalation routines quickly and easily.

Best of all, SharePoint Connect offers you completely free end-users. This means you can continue to use SharePoint and be safe in the knowledge that you have robust document control processes, without worrying about expensive license fees.

Complex circle

SharePoint Connect

Integrated workflow and escalation

Introduce workflow and escalation paths without having to develop your SharePoint environment.

Best practice record-keeping

Benefit from comprehensive audit trails of changes to content and business processes.

Improve collaboration

Leverage Wikis, co-authoring and other SharePoint capabilities to create better information assets.

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