For a right-first-time culture

All too often, businesses make large and small changes to processes, policies and systems which are not properly managed.

The impact of changes the final products and services causes waste, increase variation and causes frustration for employees and customers.

Qualsys’s change management software, Change Manager, ensures change is properly managed, it improves innovation, customer satisfaction and profitability.

You have a solution which guarantees:

  • The right people have been notified of changes and have approved them
  • Change is understood
  • Risks and opportunities are identified
  • Improved collaboration throughout the business.
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Complex circle

Collaborative, positive businesses

Confidence in your change management approach

Assign responsibility

Responsibility and approval workflows ensure experts across your business have understood and approved changes.

No more bottlenecks

Target dates, notifications, and instant reports ensure everyone who needs to play a role is collaborating.

Control any change

Configurable forms and dynamic fields ensure you get the data you need in the format you want.

Minimal administration

After the initial configuration, the system requires minimal administration.

Complex decision making

Integrates with other modules to ensure all avenues have been considered.

Make your business better

Give your employees an opportunity to proactively engage with business change.

Bring your business together

Your single source of truth

GRC team

Your GRC team can easily plan, manage and communicate change and change policies from a central system. They also control who sees what information.


Leadership see a picture of the business through instant change reports. They are able to identify variation, risk and opportunities in a single click.

Wider business

Our mission is to make quality and compliance a natural and invisible process. This is why we offer free end users. This means you can ensure all your employees are able to view changes, challenge them and demonstrate understanding.

ISO and compliance training

External providers

Give third parties access to your supplier portal to ensure they manage change properly.

After looking at the various systems on the market, it very quickly became apparent that the best fit for our business was EQMS - particularly with its flexible range of individual and integrated modules and its workflow and dashboard capabilities.

Ken McConnell – Marine Compliance Director, Northern Marine

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