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A clear, easy and effective way to manage complaints

Everyone makes mistakes, as the saying goes. Businesses are no different – except when they do something wrong, it can often have serious consequences. In any case, there will likely be a barrage of complaints from customers who feel aggrieved and let down.

More and more businesses, particularly those working in heavily-regulated industries, are turning to electronic systems to manage how they handle and resolve customer complaints.

Our complaints management module automates this process and gives your employees a central location in which to log the right information in the right format.

Once the complaint has been logged, a workflow is triggered and the correct people are notified. Your employees can rest easy that the issue will be resolved by the right person, and get back to business.

Complex circle

Get the information you need to make your customers happy

Forms to capture data on complaints are only the beginning.

Get the information you need

Forms are dynamic, so you can specify what kind of information you want to collect and in what format.

See all your incidents in one place

Go beyond the number of complaints. Analyse trends, cost and how much time you'll need to resolve fully.

Manage complaints with total visibility

All activity and interactions are logged through an audit trail.

Protect your brand and reputation

Having a record of exactly what went wrong means preventative measures can be put in place for next time.

Action-based triggers

Create triggers which set workflows in action when complaints are recorded on the system.

Worry less, do more

Responsibility for resolving complaints is managed in a central location.

Bring your business together

GRC teams

The complaints management module enables you to define workflows and criteria for capturing data, and to be confident in your compliance. The system will record complaints according to your criteria and ensure they’re investigated and fixed within a set timeframe.

An extensive set of customised reports helps you to gain deeper insights into the health of your business.

Customer care

Streamline the customer care process by ensuring your customer care team capture the right information at the right time.

External parties

Your auditors, customers and suppliers can usually forgive you for something going wrong. But they want to know that you have a process to get to the root of the cause and prevent it happening again. We give you the tools and best practice implementation you need to succeed.

End users

The system takes minutes to master, not months. End users are able to log in for the first time and record a complaint in the correct format, usually without any additional training.


Leadership are able to view any outstanding issues at the click of a button.

Latest insights

The challenges A G Barr had prior to using Qualsys's quality and food safety management software was that all of all our information was in different places, we had a lot of different processes and none of the information about customer care was visible to the wider business. Qualsys's software offers visibility of information to the wider business – especially to the quality assurance team. It helps speed up our response to consumers and strengthen our processes and procedures overall. Our consumers get a much faster response from us and that results in happier consumers.

Justine McKenna, Consumer Care Manager, A G Barr

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