Self-service governance, risk and compliance analytics

Helping you develop rigid processes to meet your compliance requirements

Understand your business

Our GRC dashboard provides instant access to real-time information from across your business. By linking all modules into a single reporting framework, the dashboard gives you a choice of over 50 widgets displaying key performance indicators (KPIs), key quality indicators (KQIs) and key compliance indicators (KCIs). Each widget can be fully customised, and can compare and export data at the click of a button for a powerful, detailed view of the health of your business.

Complex circle

A personalised dashboard

Interact with live data from across your business.

Business intelligence

Employees are informed, aware and fully engaged with business processes.

Designed with busy leadership teams in mind

Quick and easy to use and manage, the dashboard means you no longer have to chase people for information or pore over pages of data.

Performance at a glance

Data can be reported and analysed at department, business unit and management level with the click of a button.

Identify and manage risk

Assess and manage risk proactively to give your business a competitive advantage.

Avoid penalties and fines

Best practice, comprehensive audit trails and electronic signatures protect your business and save you from penalties and fines.

Work online or offline

Real-time online data supports decision-making. A remote working function allows you to gather data offline to upload to the system later - giving you vital flexibility.

Bring your business together

GRC team

The GRC dashboard enables you to compare performance and build a culture of real improvement. Set targets, understand successes and demonstrate the impact you’re having over time.

The dashboard also helps you to make better decisions about where to devote your time. Compare performance of sites, teams and processes to find out what’s working and why. Share this insight across the wider business.


Administrators control who sees what information by managing authentication and permissions for users, content and data. The infrastructure meets even the most rigorous requirements for data security – so you can rest easy.


The GRC dashboard enables leadership to understand what’s happening in the business instantly. They can then prioritise their time and energy accordingly with the knowledge that they have the information they need.

External parties

Your auditors and customers want to see that your business is identifying risks and vulnerabilities and resolving them as part of a concerted process. The GRC Dashboard ensures teams are actively involved in understanding, managing and communicating risks and vulnerabilities across the business.

It has been a revelation in controlling, managing and chasing training records. I would like to see a simplification of functionality.

Paul Wilcock, Electrium Ltd

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